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Fire Risk Assessment for the Retail Industry


 For all employers, managers, owners and occupiers of premises within the retail industry ,this includes all privately-owned shops and stores, such as clothes shops, newsagents, supermarkets and home furnishing stores, and is also applicable to individual outlets within retail complexes.

The Law

If you own or manage a shop, it is crucial you’re familiar with the Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety ) Order 2005 . The leading piece of fire safety legislation in England and Wales, the Order has been developed to protect people from the threat of fire whilst in commercial and public-access environments and, as such, you have a legal obligation to comply with it.

The Order stipulates that each environment nominates a ‘responsible person’ who is then in charge of ensuring all fire safety rules are followed. In a retail environment, the ‘responsible person’ will usually be the owner or manager. If there is more than one ‘responsible person’ in your premises (such as in a shopping centre or retail complex) you must all take steps to co-operate with each other and co-ordinate your fire safety measures.

One of the main duties of the ‘responsible person’ is to make sure a full fire risk assessment is carried out. This will involve identifying and assessing the risks and hazards within your environment and then removing or reducing these risks and hazards as far as is possible. This will often include installing and maintaining fire safety equipment, training relevant staff and preparing and practicing a fire evacuation plan.


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