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There have been numerous tragic incidents in nightclubs leading to hundreds of fatalities.
This thesis attempts the current situation. Different nightclub fires from the past 17 years
were analysed in order to identify the critical factors influencing these events. As most
dominant factors the illegal operations of nightclubs; the use of pyrotechnics; the choice of
materials; manual & automatic fire protection systems; the occupant load and the means of
egress were identified. Additionally, the training of staff was found to be valuable, if present.
It was never just a single factor influencing the events but always a combination. Additional
input has been found by analysing two different evacuation experiments. The influence of
staff and the fact that single rooms can become overcrowded before the maximum number
of occupants of the venue is reached were identified. The critical factors are addressed in
the regulations of  the UK. It is recommended that you implement aggressive enforcement, fight corruption and improve their fire safety culture.

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